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Neurateq Healthcare System is a virtual healthcare hub that utilizes artificial intelligence to deliver precise, accurate and personalized mental health treatment. The measurement of emotional validity as it relates to mental and whole health is the core of our patient-centered treatment model.

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We offer world-class care to any person who walks through our doors. We provide the best CARE by demonstrating compassion, accountability, respect, and expertise in everything we do.

Mental Health Therapy

Licensed Professional Therapist available anytime you need them...

Primary Care Services

Health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance...

Virtual Journal

One of the most useful personal development tools around...

Mental Health Chatroom

Neurateq is dedicated to the philosophy that medical attention...

Delivering and Managing Clinical Quality

Wraparound Personalized Care Coordination and Therapy

12 Hours a day and 7 days a week Mental Health Therapy/Services/Treatment.
Neurateq's A.I. system provides users with personalised insights to understand their mental health.

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Veterans Excited about Therapies

"I have heard and read about the benefits of Art Therapy. At this point in my life I am open to trying anything"

— Phillip Hudson

"I'm excited about OAD's holistic treatment options. I strongly dislike mediations. I'm ready to work on healing myself in other ways."

— David Cruz

"I'm looking forward to the one-on-one Art Therapy session. I suffer from PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. The opportunity to be able to visibly translate my unconscious feelings is profound. I am looking forward to starting a journey toward healing."

— Sarah Cort